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I recently purchased a pack of smoked turkey luncheon meat. The next day when I was about to open the pack, I noticed an ugly brown stain located on the meat inside the package.

I returned the package of meat immediately to the store where I purchased the meat. I spoke to the manager and asked her for a complaint or damage report. She told me she did not have any of those type of forms. She told me the only thing she could do is either refund my money or let me get another package of the meat.

I told her refund the money because she needed to treat this more seriously. I told her she needed to contact the government food inspection office because the meat could be contaminated with Sammenela. She told me she would let the Meat manager handle this case. I went in the back to view some of the other packages of meat.

I’m going to keep my opinions to myself. These are the pictures of the meat I had purchased.

Product or Service Mentioned: Oscar Mayer White Turkey.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I misspelled Salmonella in my complaint. Regardless, I think this is a very serious matter that should be addressed immediately.

I told the store manager, I would be calling back Sunday to speak with the meat manager.

After reviewing the other turkey packages, I explained to the store manager, this is a packaged product and that she should remove this selection of meat until the meat manager arrived the next day. Of course, that didn’t happen.

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