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First off let me say I love your products. I buy the hot dogs and real bacon exclusively for myself and the turkey bacon for my wife.

Recently I purchased two packages of “thick cut” bacon the upc on pack I’m writing about is 44700 01990. The pack says thick cut but it was anything but thick. The strips were thin and not consistent. The taste was perfect once cooked but it did not meet my expectations of your quality bacon.

Your regular bacon packages are thicker than this was. I also had a pack of Smithfield thick sliced that a guest brought over for a BBQ (for the burgers) that I opened also. I took a picture of the bacon side by.

As I said the bacon tasted as expected but quality was very poor on this pack. Thank you for your time.

Review about: Oscar Mayer Thick Cut Bacon.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You'd better watch out for the salt.

You know, the stuff that eats holes in car fenders and dissolves cement.

Those items are loaded with sodium.

Anything that reads over 10% sodium on the label should be avoided.

It's a good idea for everyone and mandatory for those with blood pressure or cardiac issues.


Oscar Mayer has a website. Find it via a search and send them a complaint with the details, etc. They should send you a coupon, I expect.

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